Brilliant 20th JAK Weekend 2019

Eudunda Golf Club – Weekend 7th – 8th September 2019

Back to the JAK had so many special Moments for it’s 20th Year and combined with the Legacy Day on Saturday made a ripper weekend for all.

The Eudunda Golf Clubs 20th JAK Golfing weekend was easily one of the best the club in its long history has ever witnessed.

So much emotion, care and consideration was given to the 50 plus players, visitor and volunteers and it showed by the willingness to linger well into the night on both Saturday and Sunday before departing.

President Lynley welcomed everyone on both days allowing all a free reign to the facilities both club and playing even to the point of picking up an extra 22 people for dinner on Sunday from the Mt Lofty Caravanning Club who were drawn to the Golf Club by its presentation of the event.

Captain Bistro once again stole the show at the start of proceedings by asking for a minutes silence to assist in all to remember our loved ones and as each name of past-away Fathers and Friends on the memorial way were called out at this moment the emotions were running high. Names such as Jack, Florence and David Knight, Jack Sayers, Mark Eckermann, Mick and Kaitlin Crowhurst, Dave Bell, Don and Leigh Maynard, John and Joan Schultz, Chas and Charlie Handke, Don Rhode, Bruno Gehling, Grahame Minge, Bob Sando who are so important to the history of the club were totally appreciated.

Eudunda Golf Club - Saturday Legacy Ambrose Golf Day 2019 - Everyone Together
Eudunda Golf Club – Saturday Legacy Ambrose Golf Day 2019 – Everyone Together at the start of the fun day.

The Weekend started with the Edgar Zander Legacy Ambrose on Saturday which was eagerly contested but the most interest was shown at the Legacy Hole # 7 where Captain Bistro teased players with all sorts of challenges raising money for Legacy. The monies raised was added to the Legacy Poker night on Saturday evening along with the Legacy raffle and a wonderful figure was realized once again. Well done to all involved and thank you once again for a lighthearted appreciation of the game of golf.

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Eudunda Golf Club - Sunday JAK Memorial Golf Day 2019 - Everyone Together
Eudunda Golf Club – Sunday JAK Memorial Golf Day 2019 – Everyone Together at the start of the day

The JAK Memorial on the Sunday morning saw Des Pfeiffer once again cooking a beautiful breakfast as the players arrived and after registering and the introductions were completed the players lined up to watch Mitch Kingston; JAK’s Great Grandson hit the first ball to start and enjoyed what was believed to be a beautiful day. At the halfway mark the heavens opened which in turn saw the players hastily making their way back to the club house as a group and enjoying the camaraderie and the beautiful 3 course lunch prepared by the lady members of the club and might we say was easily one of the best meals we have had in the 20 year history of the JAK.

Once the rain cleared the players gingerly took on the 2nd nine where to everyone’s joy saw the rain had totally clearing and the afternoons play enjoyed in much calmer weather. Many golfing stories were shared and raffles won in the 19th hole were much appreciation was granted to the Cooks, Bar Staff, Course maintenance, Official Photographers and event set up staff in the form of a thank you pennant for a job well done. There were also many trophies given out for the players efforts. Captain Bistro and Bill Knight conducted the presentations where the following results were realized.

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Legacy Saturday Winners

Edgar Zander Legacy Shield Best of the Stick:
Ambrose Team Winners
Back Again
Matt Garnett, Tim Paynter, Clarke Thiele and Tim Knight

Edgar Zander Legacy Shield Best of the Stick:
Ambrose Team Winners Runners up
Garry and Cruise Mathews Corey Menzel and Viraj Rayawickrama
EGC Legacy Day Handicap Winner
Team JACK’s
Bill and Alex Knight, John and Mitch Kingston

EGC Legacy Day Handicap Runner Up
Geoff Ashby, Bev Chapman, Churchie Schultz, Neville Peacock

EGC Legacy Day NAGA
Nathan Coombes, Nicole Rose, Rats and Liz

Leigh Maynard Longest Drive Hole # 1, 1st Day: Garry Matthew
Longest Drive Golfer 5th & 14th Golfer: Geoff Ashby
Nearest to the Pin In two 4th & 13th John Kingston
Nearest to the Pin 3rd and 12th Cruise Matthews
Longest Drive 2nd and 11th: Craig Hansen
Longest Drive 8th & 17th: Margaret Doecke
Nearest to the pin on the 6th & 15th Golfer: Nathan Coombes
“Bistros Craziest Shot” Legacy 7th Hole: Robert Crowhurst
Nearest to the Pin in 2, 9th and 18th: Churchy
Thank you for putting the JAK weekend together Captain Bistro: President Lynley,
Thank You: Elizabeth Young, Herriman Family, Nathan Coombes, Bill Knight, Alex Knight, Nicole Rose, Geoff Ashby, Adrian Menzel, Tim Knight

Outright winners for the JAK Memorial Golf Day

Jack Memorial Best off the Stick: Winner, Jamie Trezise
Runner up, Cruise Matthews

EGC Handicap: Winner: John Kingston
Runner Up: Mitch Kingston

Junior JAK: Winner, Jaxson Jones
Runner Up, Mitch Kingston

Florence Plate Ladies Winner: Deb Bell

JAK Golf Father and Son: Winner: Peter & Jamie
Runners Up Garry & Cruise
NAGA: Winner Nathan Martin

Lucky Pairs
Churchie – Martin Maynard,
Alex Knight and Gino Cappagreco
Matt Garnett, Malcolm Bell, Ian Knight, Corey Menzel

Novelty events
Nearest to the Pin in 2 – 4th & 13th Peter Trezise
NTP – 6th & 15th Tim Knight
Nearest to the Pin – 9th & 18th Cruise Matthews
NTP – 7th & 16th Nathan Coombes
Leigh Maynard Long Drive Garry Matthews
Longest Drive 2nd 11th Garry Matthews
Longest Drive 5th 14th Paul Sando
Longest Drive 8th 17th Jaxson Jones

Raffle winners
Gino Cappagreco, Garry Matthews, Martin Maynard, Paul Sando, Nathan Coombes, Matt Garnett, Alex Knight, Ian Knight, Nicole Rosenzweig, Bistro, Mitch Kingston.